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Recently completed, this 3 storey South Coogee home with expansive coastal views sets a benchmark for sustainable and healthy living while representing outstanding contemporary design.


Clients in the natural health field, passionate about environmental sustainability, provided scope to extend the sustainable credentials beyond the typical. Passive solar design, applied building biology principles, electromagnetic field mitigation and extensive water reuse measure are just some of the design parameters. The use of sustainable, natural and recycled materials combined with non-toxic finishes and extensive planting ensure the goals are realized.


The tough coastal environment combined with a complex brief and site restrictions required out of the box solutions for construction materials, finishes and building techniques. Innovative use of newly developed materials and techniques balance comfortably with traditional, natural finishes, meeting the brief and creating a unique contemporary family home reflecting the local environment. 


With spectacular coastal views bringing Sydney’s best features into the living spaces, this contemporary new family home is designed to capitalize on natural light, passive solar design, access to views spanning from city skyline to open ocean.


In addition to embracing the natural environment and local aesthetic, the brief called for a wide range of elements, features and priorities to be balanced in the final design. Efficient use of spaces and an adaptable layout to meet evolving family circumstances and ensure a long useful life for the building. Ample winter sun, summer shading, and natural ventilation, to create a bright, warm and healthy indoor climate. Extreme durability to minimize maintenance potential, even in the harsh coastal salt spray environment.


The expansive open plan living spaces and large glazed areas required to realize the client’s goals are achieved with innovative use of new products and materials, as well as those traditionally used in other sectors. The building demonstrates exemplary sustainability performance, requiring minimal heating, cooling, artificial lighting, water usage, or ongoing building maintenance. All while providing warm livable spaces and full access to the views that define this location.


Working together with the interior designer owner, a typically dark and closed-in semi transformed into a warm and inviting family home. Now fitting in and belonging to its laid back coastal environment.


Light filled spaces, natural ventilation, energy efficiency, open plan living areas, flow and connection, access to winter sun, clean contemporary lines, ample storage.  A brief describing the exact opposite of a typical semi, that formed the starting point of this project.


Creative use of natural and reflected light balances the inherent ‘dark side’ of the semi, giving the sense of well-lit house instead. The owners’ selections in finishes and furnishing brings the final transformation to a stylish beach house.


Previous alterations to this Eastern Suburbs bungalow created a convoluted maze of spaces that was dysfunctional and impossible to heat and cool. A commercial builder as owner and client brought experience and vision to celebrate the original on the way to creating their dream home.


Restoring the original bungalow and utilizing the large north-facing site for a new 2 level addition, pool and rear lane garage with 1st floor studio above is a substantial brief. The owners’ commercial construction experience allowed creative design with non-typical materials and techniques to achieve a bold yet refined contemporary style.


Recycled timber features and warm furnishings soften polished concrete floors and exposed structural steel, bringing balance to the open living spaces. The internal courtyard floods the house with light and fresh air, while serving as a clear break between past and present, bringing greenery and nature into the heart of the home.


We believe that good design is timeless, and that spaces that fit the people that use them will be appreciated well into the future. These principles, combined with our expertise in sustainability and healthy building, allow for the creation of living environments that are tailored to your needs, both present and future.

About us


With ever increasing state and local regulations and requirements, navigating from an idea to a finished home is becoming ever more complicated for inexperienced to understand. To simplify matters, this process can be broadly broken down into four stages: 


We take your ideas and information to create plans and sketches, sometimes two or three options depending on the circumstances. This allows us to explore multiple possibilities and integrate your feedback into the design process.

Taking the final concept design, we determine the type of application most suited to your project, and prepare all the necessary documents required to ensure an efficient approval process



The key to a smooth construction process, with an absolute minimum of variations to the contract, is a thorough and detailed set of documents. These include plans, specifications and schedules that accurately describe every element of the works

While some clients have the necessary experience to manage the construction contract, most find it safer and ultimately more efficient to trust this last and critical step to the professional who are most familiar with these matters. We ensure the builders work is carried out to the highest standards



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